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About Life Medical Supply

Our Value & Purpose

Life Medical Supply and its Role as a Superior Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Vendor is a Well-Respected Local Business and a Trusted Member of the McAllen Community. HQAA Accredited Life Medical Supply Accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Most Insurance Plans, and Regularly Interfaces with Local Physicians, Hospices, the VA, and Home Health Agencies.

Visit the Rio Grande Valley’s Largest and Most Convenient Source for Incontinence Products, the BARTON CHAIR, Mobility Scooters, Orthopedic Essentials, CPAP Machines, Electric Wheelchairs, Bathroom Aids, Compression Stockings, Oxygen Services, and Pediatric Services. It is the Exclusive DME Vendor of the Barton Chair and the ONLY One-Caregiver Patient Transfer System for Bedbound and Chairbound Patients in Home Health and Hospice Settings.

Life Medical Supply Brings More Than 75-Years of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Purchasing and Retailing Experience to McAllen, Texas Along with Valuable Industry and Customer-Centric Initiatives. Making Personal Independence and Mobility Achievable for ALL Ages Ensures its Customers with the Best Overall Care and Devices.