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‘It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place’ – David Hume

Why Life Medical Supply?

"Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice. It takes love" – Maza Dohta

Life Medical Supply (LMS) is your one-stop place to heal, care and ensure better and quality life for your loved ones.

ACHC Certified

We are certified by Accredited Commission for Health Care (ACHC), thus guaranteeing our work of the required standard and our ability to meet patient care performance. To ensure that we satisfy every patient in need at LMS, we accept Medicare and most insurance plans to warrant every patient receives the best care and devices to enjoy a quality life. We work with you irrespective of the circumstances you are in. We boast of working closely with specialist and experienced physicians, hospices, and VAs.

Customized solution for complex condition

At LMS, we are aware of critical and complex conditions that require customized, personal, and specialized care and solutions. Since the time we have established ourselves, we have been advocating and offering every support to our patients irrespective of the complex medical and health situation they are in. We recognize the importance of having a quality life and care at LMS. Hence we do everything in our capacity to improve the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

“Committed to Improving Quality of Life, Mobility, & Safety for All Ages with Superior Products, Services, & Highly-Trained Associates when Personal Independence Becomes a Challenge”
                                                              – Lonnie Dorcey and Associates

What To Expect At LMS?

We warrant outstanding life, always where life will excel by creating new partnerships for health.

Incontinence Supplies

Enjoy your everyday life without worrying about incontinence issues with our range of incontinence supplies that warrants odor control, leakage-proof while being economical.

CPAP Machines & Supplies

Breathe and sleep without any obstruction or fear of collapse with continuous air supply to your lings with our range of CPAP machines and supplies that will fit and suit your requirement.

Bathroom Assistance

Whether it’s for your home or hospitals, we offer a range of specializing bathroom assistance to ensure the patient’s safety and the caregiver. We select the equipment that pays close attention to ergonomics to deliver the best assistance in complex situations.

Oxygen Services

Irrespective of whether you are suffering from any illness or ailment or just want to improve your oxygen intake, at LMS, you can avail of the service. Our wide range of option to supplement your oxygen supply improve your overall health.

Let’s Start The Journey With Your Prescription

Barton Chair is the right chair that will make you comfortable in no-time

What Is Barton Chair?

The Barton Chair is a specially designed system that enables a portable chair to be transformed into a stretcher in seconds. The Patient Transfer System unique to the Barton Chair allows even a single caregiver to move a painter between the chair and bed with ease. It enables free movement for the patient while ensuring less hazard for the caregiver Barton Medical Convertible Chair Solution For a comfortable experience for both patients and their families

Why Use Barton Chair?

Easy, efficient and patient friendly.