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Texas Medicaid Pays For Incontinence supplies

Are you suffering from an incontinence ailment, and it is hindering your regular and everyday life and activities? If you are in Texas, it’s time to resolve this issue. Texas is one of the 45 states in the USA where you, as a Texas Medicaid recipient, are covered for your incontinence supplies.

The items included in the incontinence products under Texas Medicaid are:

  • Bladder Control Pads
  • Adult Briefs
  • Adult Diapers
  • Protective Underwear (Pull-On)
  • Booster Pads

It’s time to enjoy life without feeling the pressure in your pocket while buying incontinence supplies.

Can I get enrolled in Texas Medicaid coverage?

The answer is YES. You can get enrolled in Texas Medicaid and get the incontinence supply under the coverage. But in order to enjoy the benefit, you have to provide necessary documents, which demonstrate that the incontinence supplies are medically necessary products.

You can do that by getting a physician to confirm that the incontinence supplies are required as part of a treatment plan. The physician also needs to write the most appropriate products required by the patient.

In certain cases, Texas Medicaid needs to pre-approve the incontinence supplies before the patient can receive them. So, why wait anymore? If you need incontinence products and reside in Texas, contact your physician and get them covered under Texas Medicaid.

Can I get my Incontinence Supply From LMS?

Yes, you can get your Incontinence supply from LMS covered by Texas Medicaid, but you have to get it.

  • Through Continence Care Specialist: The doctor will help you find the right products and supplies to help your condition. We work closely with you and your physician to find the right product for you. Your Continence Care Specialist will then handle the required paperwork to verify the Medicaid coverage.

Once the benefits of the supplies and the Medicaid coverage are established, LMS will pack and send you the product every month at your doorstep. Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

  • Not directly through Medicaid: Unfortunately, LMS still does not provide incontinence products in Texas Medicaid directly. But you can still enjoy the benefit of getting the supplies covered by Medicaid. You need to visit the Texas Medicaid website to find the in-network providers who will supply them to you through Texas Medicaid.

In Texas, Medicaid is administered via traditional Medicaid, and the incontinence supplies are managed under Medicaid plans. So if you need incontinence products and supplies contact your Continence Care Specialist and get your supply irrespective of whether you are adult or paediatric patient.

Let’s Get the Incontinence supplies You Need

Now that you know the details that you can get covered by the Texas Medicaid for your incontinence supplies, it’s time for us to take steps to make sure you have a smooth life. 

Step 1: Visit your doctor or physician to get diagnosed to verify the fact you need incontinence supply for medical purposes. 

Step 2: Get your Continence Care Specialist to do the required paperwork for you to start receiving the supplies from us. 

Step 3: Contact our customer care representatives and discuss any issues you have and sign up for the supplies. 

Step 4: Every month, we will send the supplies to your address and bill Texas Medicaid for the products. 

Step 5: We will contact you every month to ensure that the incontinence products we are sending are meeting the needs and standards. 

Do I Need Prevail Briefs or Pads? Let’s take a look

At LMS you we primarily offer a choice between Prevail Briefs and Prevail Pads as part of our Incontinence Supplies.

Prevail Extended Use Briefs

The product offers extended usability with maximum absorbency. Ideal for extended or nighttime use. The fabric used in the product allows air circulation while keeping the skin dry and reducing any leakage with the Blue Stay-Dry Strip. It also has odor control.

Available in Medium and Large sizes

Prevail Bladder Control Pads

Any patient suffering from Stress Incontinence can enjoy an active life by using this product. It is best for women who have light bladder leakage. The product is thin and designed to contour the shape of a woman’s body. The dry-fit cotton ensures healthy and dry skin while controlling the odor.

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