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Strong Arm ®Comfort Cane

The StrongArm@ Comfort Cane blends the
simplicity of traditional walking canes with the support, stability, and control of a crutch.

The StrongArm” Difference

  • lnnovative Design: Helps shift the weight from the wrist to the forearm providing additional stability and control.
  • Self-Standing Base: Larger “footprint” greatly improves traction and overall stability while keeping StrongArm right by your side.
  • Strong & Lightweight: Feather-light aluminum construction, yet still supports up to 500lbs!
  • Perfect Fit & Height: 12 total adjustment settings provides the ideal height for maximum comfort.

Stand with independence 

When standing from a seated position StrongArm’s’unique design offers a hand up without the need to push off an armrest or struggle to find your balance as you stand.

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Black, Titanium, Bronze, Blue


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