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Hex Dec

The Hex-Dec brings the most innovative and feature packed Wet Floor Former available in the Market. The underside
honeycomb geometrical shape not only offers additional strength and rigidity it provides the highest resistance to torsional stress.

The Hex-Dec is the only former with the design concept that allows trimming without compromising the strength and integrity.


Features & Benefits


  1. Trim lines and reinforced ribs at 50mm and 100mm from the edges
  2. Pre-drilled reinforced perimeter fixing holes (extra fixings at corners)
  3. Manufactured in matt white to highlight the multi-trim lines and any additional markings the installer require. Textured surface to provide a keyway for the flooring adhesive
  4. Pre-formed falls
  5. Offset waste position to avoid joist/floor obstructions
  6. Honeycomb geometrical shape offers additional strength and rigidity providing the highest resistance to torsional or stress.
  7. Extra strength ribs
  8. Provides improved grip for bedding


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for solid and wooden floors
  • 22mm depth
  • Tested to 60 stone
  • CE approved EN 14527:2016
  • Lifetime warranty


The Hex Dec can be installed into an existing timber floor by
removing the floorboards and fixing the former directly onto the
joists, using noggins to support all edges of the Hex Dec.
The floor should be brought level with the former to accommodate
a suitable floor covering.


The Hex Dec can be installed into an existing concrete floor
via excavation of designated area to a sufficient depth to allow
for levelling of tray and accommodation of waste and pipework,
then setting the floor former level with the remainder of the
shower room floor, ready for a suitable floor covering.

Hex Dec Sizes

Hex Dec 1000 x 1000

Code : 17-00007


Hex-Dec 1200 x 1200

Code: 17-00002

Hex-Dec 1300 x 800

Code: 17-00003

Hex-Dec 1400 x 900

Code: 17-00004

Hex-Dec 1500 x 800

Code: 17-00005

Hex-Dec 1700 x 700

Code: 17-00012

Hex-Dec 1700 x 800

Code: 17-00013


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